KSNT — A person hit a registered sex offender in Emporia following reports he asked three teens to help him move furniture in his backyard, according to police. A man asked three teens, ages 13, 14 and 19, to help move furniture Wednesday night in his back yard, according to the Emporia Police Department. The teens refused and continued walking to a second residence where they told a group of male teenagers and adults what had happened.

The group decided the man had been trying to lure the teens into his home and confronted the man at his home. The man and group started to argue and a child in the group struck the man in the face, according to the police investigation.

The Kansas Public Offender Registry added the man to its sex offender records in after three misdemeanor counts of sexual battery, two against a year-old woman.

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KSNT - Graduations all across the country have been postponed or canceled altogether because of the coroanvirus pandemic. But a local high school is making it up to their graduates, even if it might not have been what they always expected. AP - Florida surpassed New York over the weekend as the state with the second-most coronavirus cases in the U.

More than 9, new cases were reported in the Sunshine State on Sunday, accompanied by an additional 78 new deaths. Skip to content. Read the Full Article.

Interactive Radar.Dean Arnold Corll December 24, — August 8, How people never found it odd that he was fucked in the head even back then is beyond me. He lived alone, had no friends, no womanand only hung out with teenaged boys. Plus too boot he drove a rape like van, handed out candy due to the fact his mom owned a candy store, and gave it to young boys all the time. Upon discovery, they were considered the worst example of serial murder in U. Brooks helped lure the boys to Corll for almost 2 years and then he introduced him to his friend Wayne Henley.

Henley participated in several of the killings. Unlike Brooks. Henley one night while he brought friends Tim Kerley and Rhonda Williams.

Topeka teeager sex at ikea park

Kerley was a suspected gift to rape for Corll. Corll was mad that Henley had a girl with him. Corll ended up getting killed when Henley shot him in the head. In custody at the Pasadena Police Department, Henley initially was questioned in relation to the killing of Dean Corll. He recounted the events of the previous evening and that morning; explaining that he had shot Corll in self-defense.

When questioned regarding his claim that as Corll had threatened him that morning he had shouted that he had killed several boys, Henley explained that for almost three years, he and David Brooks had helped procure teenage boys, some of whom had been their own friends, for Corll, who had raped and murdered them.

Elmer Wayne Henley Jr. Henley, then 17 years old, shot Corll to death on August 8, He was paved the way for the greatness of other famous fruit cake faggots like Dahmer and Gacy. The cabin was owned by the parents of Dean Corll, allegedly the central figure in the nations worst mass slaying case. The items included three pairs of plastic gloves, shovels, sacks of lime, rope and a torture board.

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Owners of cabins nearby say Elmer Wayne Henley, 17, and David Owen Brooks, 18, also alleged connected with the slayings were frequent visitors at the cabin. Workers at a boat stall dig throughout searching for more bodies in the Houston Mass Murders case, in this Thursday, Aug.

The object lying in the wheelbarrow was identified as the skull of the tenth victim. For more than three decades, ever since his body was pulled from a makeshift grave in a boat stall, a year-old has been in a refrigerated storage unit at the county morgue — unclaimed and nameless.

Wednesday Oct.By Associated Press Reporter. From the battlefield he penned a letter, sweetly telling the little girl how much he loved her and longed to see her. But he never made it home, and the letter and his Purple Heart medal ended up in a box thousands of miles away from Peggy Smith, the daughter who was told nearly nothing about him. Years after a Missouri woman found the box of mementos and underwent an exhaustive search to find the daughter who grew up hesitant to ask about her father because it upset her mother, the letter and medal will be handed over to Smith on Saturday in what figures to be an emotional ceremony in Dayton, Nev.

Peggy and Kevin Smith of Dayton, Nevada, are pictured. Peggy was four months old when her father, Pfc. Seven decades later Peggy Smith is about to get his Purple Heart medal and an emotional letter the father she never met wrote just weeks after her birth.

It was 14 years ago that Donna Gregory was helping her then-husband clean out his grandparents' home in Arnold, Mo. Louis suburb.

Gregory stumbled upon a cardboard box filled with World War II memorabilia related to Eddington, though no one knows why. Eddington was from Leadwood, Mo.

Neither Gregory nor Smith know what connection the Arnold couple had to Eddington. Gregory sorted through several letters, including the War Department's message to Eddington's mother about his death in Italy in Junefour months after his daughter's birth. At the bottom of the box she found the Purple Heart, the medal awarded to members of the Armed Forces wounded or killed in action. Gregory, of St. Louis, then spent the next 14 years in libraries and on the Internet trying to track down the elusive daughter.

She called every Eddington in Missouri, trying to find the right Peggy. No one could help. Earlier this year she enlisted the help of friends and began reaching out on Facebook, leading to a breakthrough -- she found Peggy Smith.

John Farrell Eddington and his wife, Helen, are pictured on their wedding day. Nearly 2, miles from St. Louis, Smith said she knew her father died in the war, and knew he earned the Purple Heart. But she didn't know what happened to it. Smith figured her mother had lost the medal or given it away -- until Gregory called.

Smith said she was 'stunned. Gregory was touched by the medal, and especially moved by the letter in the box penned by Eddington to his newborn daughter. She declined to quote directly from it, saying Smith should read it first.

Beyond his death in war, Smith knew little about her father since her heartbroken mother could rarely bring herself to discuss the lost love of her life. She was so much in love with him. I learned as a young girl not to bring it up because she would just get so upset. This is the Purple Heart medal awarded to Pfc. This photo shows the back side of the Purple Heart medal awarded to Pfc.Tanya is a gold digging money hungry b1tch. This girl only dates you if you have money and when she does goes through your account quick.

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View map. Browse by Category. Attraction Tickets. Architecture Tours. Cultural Tours. Historical Tour. Movie Tour. Art Tours. Dining Experiences. Explore Atlanta.

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Atlanta's Southern Food Tour reviews. Martin Luther King Jr. History Walking Tour reviews. Atlanta City Tour by Electric Car reviews. High Noon in the Old West 1 review. Atlanta Sightseeing Bus Tour reviews. See all. Top Attractions in Atlanta. Atlanta Botanical Garden 4, reviews. See 2 Experiences. Georgia Aquarium 22, reviews. See 9 Experiences. National Historic Site 3, reviews.Barb Wire.

Directed by David Hogan. Set in the yearBarb Wire takes place after democracy has fallen and a fascist military junta has taken over the U. The entire test city of Topeka has been annihilated, and only the small bastion of Steel Harbor remains the last free zone in the country, conveniently the home of the title heroine Pamela Lee.

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Barb, a leather-clad, silicon-stretched motorcycle mama, happens to carry antibodies for Red Ribbon in her DNA, thus making her an enemy of the state. She sets out to defend freedom and take down the evil government by posing as a stripper and seducing foolish male adversaries with her well-displayed assets. The plot thickens as she happens upon her freedom-fighter ex-lover and his wife much in the vein of Casablanca.

Directed by Andy WachowskiLana Wachowski. Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly nearly set the screen on fire in this clever, female-powered twist on the standard Mob caper film. Gershon is Corky, an ex-con renovating the apartment next door to where Tilly's Violet lives. Violet is the moll of psychotic gangster Caesar Joe Pantolianowho uses the apartment as an occasional location for meetings and beatings, and also uses Violet as an occasional plaything for his Mob cronies.

Violet is attracted to the super-sexy Corky, and the two begin an intense affair. Directed by John Woo. Hong Kong director John Woo's second U.

John Travolta plays Vic Deakins, an Air Force pilot on what is supposed to be a routine night flight mission with his co-pilot, the younger Riley Hale Christian Slaterwhom Deakins constantly kids for lacking the "will to win. Deakins meets up with his cohorts, who have been waiting in the park, while Hale survives and teams up with a young, attractive park ranger Samantha Mathis to foil Deakins's plans. Plenty of action ensues, with car chases, collapsing mine shafts, fights on burning trains, and even the underground detonation of a nuclear device.

Despite the script's implausibilities and inconsistencies, Woo amply displays the expertise with action sequences and man-to-man conflict that has made his Hong Kong films cult favorites. Directed by Anthony Minghella. Anthony Minghella wrote and directed this award-winning adaptation of Michael Ondaatje's novel about a doomed and tragic romance set against the backdrop of World War II.

In a field hospital in Italy, Hana Juliette Binochea nurse from Canada, is caring for a pilot who was horribly burned in a plane wreck; he has no identification and cannot remember his name, so he's known simply as "the English Patient," thanks to his accent.

When the hospital is forced to evacuate, Hana determines en route that the patient shouldn't be moved far due to his fragile condition, so the two are left in a monastery to be picked up later. In time, Hana begins to piece together the patient's story from the shards of his memories; he's actually Count Laszlo Almasy Ralph Fiennesof Hungarian nobility and an explorer working with a group mapping uncharted territory in North Africa.

Katherine and Laszlo soon fall in love, which leads Laszlo to betray his friend, his country and all that is dear to him. Meanwhile, Hana and the Patient are joined by Kip Naveen Andrewsa Sikh with a gift for defusing mines, and Caravaggio Willem Dafoean intelligence agent who knows some of Laszlo's most shameful secrets.

Directed by John Carpenter. Escape from L. Los Angeles has finally had the really big earthquake everyone was afraid of, and what remains is now an island. Because the country's ultra-righteous President-for-Life Cliff Roberton wants it that way, all the weirdos and freaks that previously inhabited New York in large numbers, and the rest of the U.

The president has Snake taken from the nice, decent prison he was living in for a special mission in L. The president's daughter has joined the resistance movement determined to overthrow his one-man rule, and has stolen his secret "black box" a doomsday machine to boot.My only key work requirements are a good phone line, a solid internet connection and a major airport within driving distance well, a quiet room and a pot of coffee are pretty important as well.

After a lot of data gathering, analysis and pro-con list making, my wife and I have chosen to relocate from Ann Arbor, Michigan to Pueblo, Colorado.

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So, here goes. Within Colorado and perhaps elsewhere, Pueblo has a somewhat unfavorable reputation due primarily to a relatively weak economy that has struggled since the decline of the steel industry in the s. Although Pueblo still has a long way to go to regain economic vibrancy, I see significant progress and Pueblo currently presents, in my opinion, an unbelievable bargain. So, why is Pueblo such a great deal? In short, Pueblo offers a nearly unbeatable blend of 1 low cost of living, 2 beautiful weather, 3 outdoor recreation, and 4 modern amenities.

The cost of housing in Pueblo is unbelievably low. This past year I bought a 3 bedroom 1. But, aside from a complete bathroom redo, it was mostly cosmetic updating. It still needs exterior paint, some landscaping and a facelift for the detached garage but I already have it rented to a nice family.

If it remains occupied at the current rental rate I will recoup my investment within 4 years. Try that in Denver, Boulder or Colorado Springs or in any other city with a symphony, a university, mountain views and days of sunshine per year. At 38 degrees latitude, Pueblo is about halfway between sunny and dry Albuquerque, New Mexico and the cool and crisp Rocky Mountain environs of Cheyenne, Wyoming, both geographically and climatically. Winter can be cold and snowy on occasion but the snow typically melts the next day and you might be able to play golf in short sleeves 48 hours later.

Pueblo is one of the sunniest places in the USreceiving more sunshine than San Diego and Honolulu. Yes, you read that right! Check the National Climate Data Center.

And, Pueblo summers are far more pleasant with cooler temperatures than you would find in comparably sunny cities like Phoenix or Tucson. I love the fresh clean smell in the air after a thunderstorm on a summer afternoon. Pueblo also enjoys extraordinarily clean air and water. Just like any other city in Colorado, Pueblo is a relatively short drive away from world class skiing, mountain biking, hiking, climbing and a variety of other outdoor activities.

The Lake Pueblo State Park offers water sports of all kinds and the Whitewater Park on the Arkansas River has become a great destination for kayaking enthusiasts.